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Creators of Change

At Casual Living Murals, we seek all opportunities armed with our professional and artistic services. We're here to help you beautify your project, whether it’s your place of business or a gift to your community.

Our design approach is a balanced one; careful consideration of practical, sustainable, and innovative design options through listening, understanding, and thinking, both critically and creatively for our client’s success. Our deep skills and meticulous attention to detail, aspire us to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our Owner(s).

Casual Living Murals (CLM) Owner, Jorge Parrales, has curated a team of individuals with similar sensibilities to his own; drive, ambition, and the raw need to fulfill the client’s expectations.

His Company was born from the humble beginnings of Boyle Heights; and through Jorge’s determination, natural artistic talent, and true love for the power of Art and everything it can convey, CLM continues to grow and thrive successfully…......

"creating change"

 wherever it is

asked to.